WhaddaYA Know Wednesday

Hey, guys! Last year we did a monthly read-a-long and while we had some great participation, we got a lot of feedback that many of you just didn’t have the time to commit to it every month. We wanted to continue to do something where we could interact with you all live via twitter on a monthly basis; so we put our heads together with our besties over at Fiction Fare and came up with an idea that we are ridiculously excited to get started on! Ready to hear all the details? Here we go…

What Is WhaddaYA Know Wednesday?

  • Who: You. Book Inhalers. YA Lovers. Reading Enthusiasts. And even Book Novices. Everyone is welcome!
  • What: WhaddaYA Know Wednesdays
  • Where: On twitter! Just follow @SwoonyBoys & @FictionFare to play along!
  • When: The 3rd Wednesday of every month!
  • Why: We love interacting with all of you. We love talking books, book boys, and gushing over our favorite authors. We couldn’t think of a better way to do all of that than by combining all of those things, throwing in some awesome prizes, and having a blast while doing it!
  • How: The rules are simple. Follow both @SwoonyBoys and @FictionFare on twitter to play. Tune in on the 3rd Wednesday of everything month and answer our questions. You will earn point for every correct answer, and sometimes for how quickly you respond. We will giveaway one grand prize each month, as well as some awesome swag throughout the game. The procedure/rules will go here. Pay attention to our twitter accounts because some month’s will be based off of a specific theme or genre, other month’s will be more free-style.
Questions? Comments? or Concerns? Send us an email at:

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