{BEA 2016} Authors We Can’t Wait To Meet & Books We Want To Grab

Each time the four of us head to BEA we are armed with a list full of authors that we are beyond excited to meet and books we cannot wait to get our hands on. Chicago is bringing it this year in a big way. There are so many books and authors on our lists […]

{BEA 2016} Tips & Tricks: What To Bring, What To Put In Your Backpack, and More

This is our fifth trip to BEA, and our first one in Chicago! Even though we’ve been several times now, we learn something new each year and figure out ways to make the next trip an even bigger success. Because we love you, we are going to use the next few weeks leading up to […]

{BEA 2015} Tips & Tricks: What To Bring, What To Wear, and What To Do

This is our fourth trip to NYC for BEA. Every year we figure out ways to make the next trip more successful. We love sharing our our tips and tricks with all of you who are going for the first time, or maybe just looking for a little help getting ready. Today we’re talking about […]

{News} Google Reader Alternatives–What to Do When Your World Is About to Become a Jumbled Mess

A few months ago, Google Reader announced that it would be retiring on July 1, 2013. If you’re like me, you rely on your reader to keep up with everything that’s being posted on the blogs you follow in one place. It has taken me a long time to narrow down the results, but one […]