“Real” Book Challenge May!


Can you believe May is over? How is it possible that it’s time for this month’s “Real” Book Challenge wrap-up post? We aren’t sure, but we are excited to share our May book! How was your month? BEA prepping seemed to take over for us (we’re actually still in NYC now!) so our totals weren’t very high, but contained some awesome reads. Did you read all the real books you wanted to read? We can’t wait to see your posts! Here’s the list of “real” books that we read in April:


Free to Fall Allegiant


Make You Mine

That’s a lot of good looking books, right? What did you read this month? Make sure you link up your monthly wrap-up in the linky below by the 10th of June and look for our newsletter in your inbox on the 15th. If you’re just seeing this challenge for the first time, you can sign up to join us here!



  1. This was my highest month yet I think, but gearing up for Book Bash was on my list so I took full advantage of all those books I “had” to read!

    Heather {My Little HEA} recently posted: May Real Book Challenge
  2. Guys: would you please pretty, announce each winner with these wrap-up posts? And link all of the wrap-up months to your side bar, or the sign-up main post? I read nothing but REAL BOOKS and I’m geared up to win at least one of these! I should ask you to hit me back at my blog so I know you got this. I’ve begged for months. LOL!!!! Hugs, Carolyn [ “Ethereal” | “My Kind Of Mystery” | “Gentle Spectrums” ]

    • Hey Carolyn! Thanks so much for your suggestions! We do link the wrap-up posts on the main sign up page, and you can see that here: http://www.swoonyboyspodcast.com/real-book-challenge. After your comment, we decided to make it a little more prominent, so look for the blue box! We announce the winners in the Newsletter each month, and you must be a subscriber to win (I think!), so be sure to check the Newsletter to see when you win! Thanks again, we love having you participate in the challenge!!

  3. Woah, just got your comment. I understood: signing up and entering summary posts, qualifies us for winning. The newsletter was for extra info, which is why I opt out (I’m on dial-up; the less the better). Would you check with your partner? Hitting the monthly posts and reading 80 real books as a member of the challenge, is what I thought counts. If you’re drawing prizes with newsletter subscriptions: either I deprived myself by misunderstanding, or y’all are missing eligible people. Eek!

    I see the summary posts gathered in a group – thanks! I recommend announcing winners publicly on the blog, because it’s an awesome way to give those people some promo. And… those not signed up for newsletters (unless you confirm I have to) see which of our members win. I apologize for not seeing your reply sooner; feel free to hit my blog or e-mail.

  4. P.S. I said 80 real books because that’s where I’m at. It’s 30 above the max for this challenge, which is why it shocked me to not be considered eligible (without newsletter subscription), when I’m totally blowing this challenge away. LOL

    Carolyn @ RIEDEL FASCINATION recently posted: What a book IS, versus how it GOES.

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