We Are Super Villains + a Giveaway!

Today we are celebrating Marie Lu and her New York Times bestselling series THE YOUNG ELITES. The paperback of book 1 is out now, and the VERY MUCH anticipated second book, THE ROSE SOCIETY, comes out on October 13th.  This installment chronicles power-hungry Adelina’s rapid descent into paranoia and madness, as she pulls together her own society of gifted and ruthless malfettos, determined to overthrow those persecuting their kind.

We love a good villain, (Who didn’t love President Snow, Draco Malfoy,  or The Darkling? No hands? That’s what we thought), and Adelina is just that kind of character.  If you’ve read The Young Elites, you know she is definitely not your typical heroine.

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Rose Society, Penguin asked us to create our own ‘Villain Squad” complete with our own villainous identities!!  We couldn’t resist participating in something so fun and creative, plus we love Marie Lu and would do just about anything to help spread the word about this series!  So, without further delay, are you ready to meet our ‘alternate villainous identities?” Let’s get evil…


When we started thinking about how we wanted to create our Villain Squad we knew we wanted to do something different from your typical superheroes. We put our heads together with our besties over at Fiction Fare and decided on a bookish theme for our squad. Why? Well have you met us? We are all about the books. We thought about bad book habits and how those are already villainous and then BAM! We had our squad idea. All that was left was naming our group. That was where things got a little complicated. We couldn’t think of the perfect name, but all it took was asking Meg’s hubby what he would name a bookish villain squad. He didn’t even hesitate before responding, “451 Squad.” If you get the reason why you get bonus points, if you don’t? Just ask our friend Ray Bradbury.

Now that you know our squad name, it’s time to meet the members of the team.


Meg as “Captain Page Flipper”

When a story gets rough, she can’t resist flipping to the end. Someone leaves or runs away (Thank you so much, Edward Cullen), a new love interest enters the scene (Come on, Warner. Go away.), the drama gets to be too much for her delicate heart (pretty much every book ever)… she just can’t help it. She has to know what’s going to happen. All it takes is a quick flip to the back of the book and KAPOW! She’s got her answers.


Kassiah as “Professor Flouncer”

It’s not her fault, sometimes books are just that bad. Maybe it’s because a favorite character does a 180. Or perhaps instalove is the cause. It could also be that her current read is just poorly edited and she needs a break. Whatever the cause, sometimes you just have to say no to a book. There are too many amazing reads to waste your time on something unworthy. The solution? ZAP! She flounces the book and moves on to the next one.


Erin as “Lady Spine Bender”


Jaime as “The Tauntress”

To find out more about Erin and Jaime’s villainous alter-egos, head over to FICTION FARE and read all about them!

***Grab The Books***

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Be A Part Of Our Team

Want to join our squad? Maybe you’re more of a Doctor Dog Ear, Lady Margin Scribbler, or Lord Grammar Natzi. Let us know in the comments below what your 451 Squad addition would be and we just might add you to the team.


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