Five Must Have Essentials for Being Stranded on an Island (with Giveaway)

We just finished reading Locked by Parker Witter and we can’t wait to tell you all the things! We’ll be posting our review closer to publication day (August 19), but we wanted to get you pumped about it now! Our requests for an interview with this debut author went unanswered–we’ve heard that she can be pretty reclusive–and after trying to track her down, we gave up and decided that what you really need is our advice.

Five Must Have Essentials for Being Stranded on an Island

Since much of Locked is set on an island, we thought we’d give you our Five Must Have Essentials for Being Stranded on a Deserted Island.

Number One: A Swoony Boy (Being on A Deserted Island Is Hard Work!)

Number Two: Firestarter (We Don't Want to Break Our Nails!)

Number Three: Lip Gloss (Because, Swoony Boy...Obvs!)

Number Four: Machete (A Girl&#39s Gotta Eat!)

Number Five: Feminine Hygiene Products (Because Eww...)

So there you have it–our Five Must Haves! Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but really…we wouldn’t mind being stranded with that swoony boy.

***About Locked***

Five Must Have Essentials for Being Stranded on an Island (with Giveaway)Locked by Parker Witter
Published by Poppy on August 19, 2014
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 96
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It had always been the three of us, and then it was the two of us-Ed and August. There was not, nor had there ever been a chance of a Noah and August. And that was fine. Because the truth was I had known Noah forever but I still had no idea who he really was. Especially not now.

In this sizzling novella, one girl must choose between loyalty and love.

August had the two best guy friends a girl could ask for in Noah and Ed. Then Ed confessed he felt more for her - and their new relationship changed everything. She had hoped it would be Noah that she'd end up with someday, but it's clearer than ever that Noah's just not interested in being a one-girl guy.

When the small seaplane the three of them are on crashes, August finds herself injured and marooned on an island with ... Noah. Unsure of what's become of Ed, August and Noah do their best to not lose hope as they fight to survive on an island that is not as deserted as they first believed. But fighting the elements - and their attraction to each other - becomes a losing battle.

Soon, a secret from Noah's past that could bind them to the island forever is revealed, and August must choose between giving into her feelings for him, or struggling to make it back home.


We’re giving away a copy of Locked by Parker Witter! To enter, leave us a comment and let us know your five essential items!


  1. Songster51 says

    LOL 5 must have things: 1. Hot survivalist dude; 2. yes, to firestarter; 3. a vat of SPF 75+ moisturizer (no to sunburn and dry skin); 4. Coffee (caffeine withdrawal is a bee otch); 5. aspirin (for when the coffee finally runs out and you don’t want to kill hot survivalist dude whose knife-honing is making you a tiny bit I-keel-you)

  2. Five Must Haves for Being Stranded! Oooh…fun!

    1. Tarp or sheet of plastic for water condensation – I can’t trust the island water to be okay. (I’m weird.)

    2. Fire starter. I’m good with flint and steel – I can do the rest.

    3. Hot guy to climb trees and bring me food. 🙂

    4. Machete is a good idea. Fights bad guys (you never know) & is practical.

    5. TOILET PAPER. Because. Ew.


  3. Well obviously I agree with the hot survivalist dude & glad you mentioned the feminine hygiene even though I agree – ewwww, but ughhhh I’d hate to have forgotten that. I won’t need lip gloss cuz we’ll be kissing too much & we can keep each others lips moistened. I will need music for dancing with hot survivalist dude, so I’ll be taking a solar power generator to keep my Iphone powered for music & the occasional need for me sneaking away to call in for a supply drop without survivalist dude knowing about it. We wouldn’t want him to know that I have a way off the island….hehe. So yeah, then we’d need a machete too because I sure don’t want him hurting himself trying to get food for us. I think I may have gone over but whatever. Those are my must haves.

  4. okay so I would need
    1) book(s)
    2) swoony guy because duh
    3) toilet paper
    5) machete or bow and arrow because you never know

  5. Hi.

    I honestly have no idea how I landed here while researching camping gear, but I don’t wanna be a killjoy.

    So here’s my top 5:

    1. Hot survivalist chick (sorry I’m just not the hero you need right now, ladies.)

    2. Firestarter (but of course)

    3. A handgun (sorry not a fan of point blank weapons)

    4. Toilet seat (I swear)

    5. A camera (because!)

    James Hairston recently posted: These Camping Tips Will Make You Smile

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