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A little over a year ago Meg picked up  Red Rising for the very first time. It was love at first chapter and the two of them have had a torrid love affair ever since.  She’s well aware that she talks about the trilogy and Pierce Brown way more than she should, but she just can’t help. She needs everyone to understand its awesomeness and has made it her personal goal to provide as many people with copies as possible.

If you haven’t read it yet you might be asking what about the Red Rising Trilogy has Meg going so nuts. Here are just a few of her favorite things:

  • In a class all of it’s own, Pierce Brown has created something bloody, intense, dark, and gritty. It’s a story of love, loyalty, family, destruction and hope.
  • It is Sci-Fi that captures the true core of a dystopian world in a way that I haven’t found since reading Ray Bradbury, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.
  • Heart. Sure there is that underlying romantic part of Darrow that I loves. But that’s not even what this is about. Pierce Brown made a character that is raw and unfiltered. He’s intense and broken, but he’s also filled with more heart, more soul, than most characters could ever hope to be.
  • It has an author that not only has ridiculously mad writing skills, but one that also fills that ‘hot author with a nerdy core’ void I never knew I was missing.
  • And lastly (athough I could go on forever), the second book is somehow better than the first. How did it happen? How is it possible? I’m still not sure, but I am already predicting that next year we will be right back here with Golden Son as my favorite book of 2015.

Now what could be better than one amazingly awesome book? How about the fact that we are only 28 days away from book two, Golden Son. If you’re new to this trilogy, or if you just haven’t gotten your hands on physical copy yet, you’re in luck! Thanks to our friends at Random House we have 3 paperback copies of Red Rising up for grabs! Check out more about the books and author, see some of our favorite quotes, and then enter the giveaway below!

***The Books***

“They pushed and pushed for so long. They knew I was something dangerous, something different. Sooner or later, they had to know I would snap and come to cut them down. Or perhaps they think I’m still a child. The fools. Alexander was a child when he ruined his first nation.”

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“You are but a mortal,” Roque whispers in my ear, riding his horse alongside the chariot, as per tradition.

“And a whorefart,” Servo calls from the other side.

“Yes,” Roque agrees solemnly. “That too.”

Add Golden Son by Pierce Brown to your Goodreads TBR Shelf
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***Meet The Author***

Author Pierce Brown Pierce Brown spent his childhood building forts and setting traps for his cousins in the woods of six states and the deserts of two. Graduating college in 2010, he fancied the idea of continuing his studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a magical bone in his body. So while trying to make it as a writer, he worked as a manager of social media at a startup tech company, toiled as a peon on the Disney lot at ABC Studios, did his time as an NBC page, and gave sleep deprivation a new meaning during his stint as an aide on a U.S. Senate Campaign.

Now he lives in Los Angeles, where he scribbles tales of spaceships, wizards, ghouls, and most things old or bizarre.

Note to the reader: Always feel free to contact him via his website, twitter, or facebook. He likes people. Except if you’re a trollish person. Then he merely puts up with you for the sake of manners and propriety.

Find Pierce Here:
Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


3 Paperback Copies of Red Rising

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  1. Books! Or, a gift card so I can buy books. 😉

  2. Maria Villatoro says

    The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare!!!

  3. MichelleRae6 says

    I would love to get Snow Like Ashes under the tree 🙂

  4. I want Santa to leave the new Harry Potter boxed set! Thank you!

  5. Jacklin Updegraft says

    Right now I really want to get my hands on A Court of Thorns and Roses! It looks amazing!

  6. I absolutely wouldn’t mind finding Red Rising under the Christmas tree.
    Thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays! 🙂

  7. Red Rising.

    Happy Holidays!

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