{Book Bangin’} Top Book Boyfriends (1)

Boys are Better in Books

We are picky when it comes to the features/memes that we participate in, but when we saw that Kelly from Belle of the Literati was starting a “Book Bangin’” feature, there was no way we could resist. In the future we will be doing this one with our friends Jaime and Erin (Fiction Fare) via a mini podcast. But for this month we’re keeping it simple!

Here’s a little more about the feature straight from Belle of the Literati:

The last day of every month I will be posting a Book Bangin’ entry. What this entails is this: each month will have a topic and you will discuss, brag, fangirl, swoon, exclaim, freak out, and talk about ALL THE FEELS over your favorite boys for that topic.

Example: Let’s say August is Dystopia. You will then pick your favorite book boyfriends from the dystopia genre and talk about why you love them. Their swoony lines, their chisled abs, their tattoos, WHATEVER makes you swoon for them! Each month will be different. AND at some point in your post I think it would be fun to honor your Hot Man of the Month. Look at the books you read this past month and pick your favorite boy to brag about.

The topic for July is Top Book Boyfriends.

For those of you who know us, you know that this is an impossible task. We decided to limit our selves to a top 5 each, and then we spent days screaming in agony making sure our lists were just right. So without further adeu, here are our boys:



So there they are, our top 5  (well, top 10 really) boys. Make sure you check out Jaime and Erin’s on Fiction Fare and share your own list in the comments below!

We can’t wait to find out what August’s topic will be! We’ll see you then!


  1. Yay! So glad you guys are doing this!!! I had Four, Jase, Adam, and Perry on my list too!! 🙂 Also… I just met Travis this week, so good choice there as well. 😉

  2. Hi guys!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating!! I feel so honored you chose to do this (especially because you’re so picky! 🙂 ). I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post!! How you incorporated the explanation on that note! I also totally feel like I should have added Perry to my list! I forgot! FAIL! LOVE Four and he was SO close to making my top list but when we do dystopia he will DEFINITELY be on the feature! I also need to check out this Travis guy! Betty tells me I would love him ESP with my military obsession! Thanks again, can’t wait to see your future post!! 🙂

    Kelly @ Belle of the Literati recently posted: Book Bangin' Intro Post
  3. Etienne, Four, and Perry were on my list as well. SUCH a fun new feature. I never miss chances to swoon over my book boyfriends! Check out mine: http://tarheelbibliobabe.blogspot.com/2013/07/book-bangin-top-book-boyfriends.html

    Annie @ Tar Heel Bibliobabe 🙂

  4. OMG I just realized my comment didn’t show up!! Grrr. It was fangirling to the max!! Now I can’t remember what I said…ok, well here I go again. Thanks so much for joining!! So honored you chose to do this out of all the different features and memes! 🙂

    I LOOOVED that you added the description in that note format! SO COOL! You make me look way cooler than I am lol 🙂 I totally missed out on adding Perry to my list! WHAT?! Four-drool. And I totally need to meet this Jase guy…like now. 🙂

    Kelly @ Belle of the Literati recently posted: Book Bangin' Intro Post
    • LOL your first comment didn’t show up because we have to approve them if it’s your first time here 🙂 We approved both of your comments because you mentioned Jase in the 2nd one and OMG you have to read him!!!!! He’s SOOOOO swoony!

      Thanks for hosting such an awesome meme and for stopping by. You’re pretty xo

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