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Spotlight Sunday on Swoony Boys Podcast and Fiction Fare

By now you know that when the four of us are together, in person or via the magic of the internet, the conversations almost always come back to books. We love them. We love the people who write them, the people who publish them, and the people who read them. In fact, we have so many feelings about books that we wanted to find a way to share our conversations with you!

Welcome to a new week of Spotlight Sunday, hosted by Fiction Fare (Erin & Jaime) and Swoony Boys Podcast (Kassiah & Meg), where we dish about ALL things bookish. Each week we’ll post a topic, we’ll start the conversation by telling you some of our thoughts, and then it will be your turn to sound off in the comment section.

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If you could give any author in the world a topic and make them write it- who would the author be and what would the topic be?

Meg: Ahhhhhh! This is so tough! Do we have to pick just one? Most of my wants comes from wanting extensions on stories that I just don’t want to let go of. I mean sure, there are ideas in my head I’d love to see written, but mostly I just want more of some of my favorites.

Kassiah: I honestly don’t even know how to begin to answer this one. Is this limited to authors who are still living?

Jaime: Definitely living… I think LOL – I suck at this game, but I think there was some version of a top ten tuesday that was sort of about this…Most of my choice on that list were about current characters that I’d like expanded. But how about this – I want a spin-off to Under The Never Sky – Roar’s story by Veronica Rossi 🙂 I also want more NA from Robin York because Deeper was exactly what all NA should aspire to be. I also want more from Jandy Nelson and to be honest I will take anything she writes it could be about what she had for dinner. Thankfully her next book is coming SOON!! And EEEEEEP it’s about twins!!!! so so so excited. (she obviously got my mental begging I sent to her)

Kassiah: I agree with Jaime’s answer. I don’t know who I would pick or what topic I would give because there are just so many wants!! I do love when authors give us their extras later, like Rachel Hawkins did with A Very Hexy Valentine’s Day, or Cynthia Hand did with a from Unearthly, all of the awesome Chase POV scenes from the Article 5 Series, and Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey Series extras. I just always want more 🙂

Erin: I’m saying this now…this question isn’t fair. I don’t even know where to start because like you all (or y’all), there are so many stories that I just want more of – mostly because I can’t stand to let the characters go (don’t judge me). Let’s start with Katja Millay – I would love it if she wrote me more of Josh and Nastya any day…Heck, throw in Drew and I would be a happy girl. And since Jaime got to include a laundry list of authors/stories I would also like to say that Julie Kagawa can write me more Megan and Ash AND Zeke and Allison any time her heart desires. Just for fun, if Sarah Maas wanted to write me a special Chaol outtake, I would probably frame it and hang it up somewhere that I could see it all the time.

Now that you’ve read some of our thoughts, let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below! We’ll be back next week with a brand new topic and lots more to talk about.

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  1. I’m with Erin! Katja! Need more books! I would love a book about Drew and his story!! Best day ever! 🙂

    Kelly @ Belle of the Literati recently posted: If You Ask, I'll Lie

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