{Review} Bloodline by Tara Ellis

Flashback Friday on Swoony Boys Podcast featuring Bloodline by Tara Ellis

{Review} Bloodline by Tara EllisBloodline by Tara Ellis
Series: Forgotten Origins Trilogy #1
on March 28, 2013
Pages: 240
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3.5 Stars

Sixteen-year-old Alex has always suspected her father’s death wasn’t random, but she never guessed how deep the mystery runs or what it involves. When a rare meteor shower is followed by a highly contagious infection, the people she once knew so well start acting like they have a similar purpose that doesn’t include her. Alex can now only rely on her friend Chris and loyal dog Baxter as she plunges into a strange, new world predestined since ancient times. Wandering the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, deciphering cryptic messages left by her father, desperately searching for a cure-will Alex have the courage and faith to even survive?

The 411:

Bloodline starts off with action. A rare meteor shower rains down on the world, bringing with it an alien plague. Alex finds herself as one of the few immune to the contagion which sets her to trying to figure out what is really behind the outbreak and the strange after effects.

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What We Loved:

Science-fiction has always been one of our favorite genres. Throw in some freakish biological plague, and we’re hooked.

Of course starting off in the middle of the action was great. The book kept the momentum through to the end. We also liked that the main character, 16 year old Alex, was able to have a guy friend and it not automatically turn into a love interest. We also liked that Alex and Chris were such a great team. Alex seemed to act more on impulse while Chris looked at things more logically.

We usually won’t continue reading a series if the first book doesn’t impress us. The Forgotten Origins Trilogy is one we plan to see through to the end.

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Um...Not So Much:

There were a few points early in the book where Alex’s thinking seemed really bizarre. Before knowing anything about the plague she was really freaked out by seeing a family member sneezing or coughing. That and a few other situations where she shouldn’t have been so leery was a bit odd. But those instances were pretty early on and then they were no more, so that is good.

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Bottom Line:

Bloodline by Tara Ellis is fast-paced, clean, and all together engrossing.

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3.5 Stars


  1. Thank you so much for the review! I wanted to let you know that the book has had a make over. 🙂 The cover and title have changed, but the content is the same. Be on the lookout for some seriously cool covers on the rest of the trilogy, too. Oh…and the swoon factor grows in each book. 🙂

    Here is a link to the new cover! http://taraellisauthor.blogspot.com/2016/04/infected-new-cover-title-for-bloodline.html

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