Our {Top Ten} Favorite Podcast Episodes


It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, and this time, the topic is an All About Audio freebie. We were allowed to choose anything that we love to listen to, and though we were tempted to give you what we consider the Top 10 best boy band songs of all time, we thought it might be a little more appropriate to let you know our Top Ten Favorite Podcast Episodes that we’ve recorded.

We didn’t go in any particular order, we just picked our faves. Some of these are early episodes and we totally sounded like such babies! You won’t see any of our Author Talk episodes on this list because they’re all our favorites and there’s no way we could rank them. But just in case you missed any of those, here’s an alphabetical list of our podcast episodes featuring some of our favorite authors:

And now, here’s our list our list of our Favorite Podcast Episodes

Swoony Boy File: Edward Cullen

We’ll never forget our first time, and this episode was not only about one of our favorite characters and the reason we met and became BFFs, but it was our very first foray into podcasting. *hearteyes*

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Dystopian Boys We Want to Bang

You know we do most of our episodes with our favorite twinnies from Fiction Fare now. We were so happy when we became a clique, and this was the moment that was preserved for all to hear. Not to mention, it covered one of our very favorite genres: dystopian!

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Boys We Want to Ring In the New Year With

Looking back at this episode–which we recorded in 2012!! o.O–we realize we still love most of the boys we discussed. They’re still our faves. So of course, so is this episode.

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#BEA13 Was, Like, Totally Awesome

While this was our second year attending BEA, it was our first as Swoony Boys Podcast girls. We’ve been every year since then (2014 and 2015), but this was the first time we got to record a podcast about it.

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We Love a Man in Uniform

You know soldiers make us weak in the knees (Meg married one, Kass just dreams about them), and dishing all their best characteristics was so much fun. We loved this topic so much, we revisited it again in our Military Guys We Want to Take Orders From episode.

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Bad Boys We Want to Get Naughty With

Every good girl loves a bad boy, and we’re no different. 😉

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Sci-Fi Boys We Want to Probe

Just the title of this episode brings a smile to our faces. This one was a lot of fun.

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Winter Is Coming

(aka Books We Fell For In Fall And Are Wishing For In Winter)

We love doing these sort-of wrap-up Posts combined with our most anticipated reads for the following season. We’ve got one coming up next week, as a matter of fact. These are always fun.

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The Time We Tried To Pick A Single Book Boyfriend

Newsflash: We’re not very good at it 😀

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Foreign Mouths We Want to Kiss

Last but certainly not least, you know accents get us every time. :le sigh:

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So, that’s our list this week. So let us know: What is your favorite episode so far? or Is there a topic you’d like us to cover? Let us know!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. We it!

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